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Rape Victim Core Care Package

Rape Victim Core Care Package

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Sadly the epidemic of rape done by the Taliban is rampant. It shows no end in sight nor does it discriminate. All ages, both genders, are impacted by these war crimes. 

We work in 16 out of the 32 provinces in Afghanistan. Trusted health partners in these locations are able to report rape cases to my team of volunteer doctors. This is done under the radar as the Taliban does not believe in rape nor will they provide any care to anyone going to a government hospital who claims they have been raped.

Our cases range from 1 year old children, boys and girls, and go upwards in age. 

The cases are savage, often involving torture and gang rape. Many of these victims have STIs/STDs from the men who have raped them. Often, they are pregnant. 

This donations helps us cover the average medical needs for one victim.

We can only provide care for those that we can afford to help. 

Our care includes:

  • lab tests
  • ultrasounds
  • pain medications
  • medical abortions in the 1st trimester
  • antibiotics
  • a safe house, food, and care while getting care
  • transportation to our safe house clinics
  • follow-up visits
  • After we have taken care of them, we send them home with a full pantry of food, ongoing medical support, and coming soon, we will offer virtual rape counseling in their native language
  • All services are FREE for the patients but, not for us to provide this care

Each donation allows us to fully treat one victim of rape. In this process, we select the worst cases and most critical cases first - children under 12 are always the top priority. 

Working with a team of US trained doctors, they document this work carefully so we here in the US are able to track and report each case to the federal government and United Nations. 

Often we get the identify of the rapists and also work to flag them so they cannot travel internationally and also to track their crimes for hopefully, future war crimes prosecution. 

We take this seriously. For our doctors who do this work, it is illegal and if found, the Taliban will execute them without hesitation. 

Our doctors are committed to this cause and our support network there to provide the best, and most safe care is strong and grows daily. 

Image is from one of our recent rape cases involving a two month long abduction, torture, and daily gang rape. 

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