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Fresh Protein Distribution

Fresh Protein Distribution

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This donation allows us to procure fresh halal meat in Kabul. We work with local farmers and butchers to properly process fresh meat in accordance to Muslim guidelines. 

This donation helps cover the cost for one sheep. From this, we create family protein bundles and give them to families in order of how critical their nutritional needs are. 

Protein is essential for children as they grow and the cost of protein in Afghanistan makes it a luxury item. We see the results of this when we treat children - they lack muscle development and tone and have anemia, same as women who are pregnant. 

Protein is something we try to offer to families as often as we can but we truly need help for this. 

The average cost of a medium sized sheep is what this pricing is based on, including preparation, packaging, and blessing of the meat. Each sheep feeds approximately 25 families.

Image is from a recent meat distribution. Going door to door in poor communities is one way we reach people or going to the slums where children are working.  

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