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Free Clinic Sponsorship

Free Clinic Sponsorship

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Across Kabul, a population of 4.5 million, and outside the capital in isolated ethnic communities, my team of volunteer medical doctors organize our free clinic days. 

These events change location, and this location is only known by the team and trusted tribal leaders and trusted imams. In any community where we plan a clinic day, we work with the local leaders to get approval but, also to assess any specialized needs of their community. 

Each clinic usually gets a turnout of about 1000 local people in need of care. In the one day, my team of 2 doctors, 2 nurses, and 2 assistants see approximately 500 patients. They provide medical care/advice, check basic vitals, do quick exams to check for swollen glands, throat/skin infections, etc., they also flag critical cases such as rape for follow-up after the clinic.

We provide free medication to those in need and the medications we have on hand include pain medication, blood pressure regulators, children's medicines, antibiotics, women's supplements for anemia, ulcer medication, and more. 

Each clinic event costs approximately 650 USD. It covers the cost of all medication and transport of supplies and staff to the clinic event. 

These clinics are essential because most people cannot get care at government run hospitals - these are run by the Taliban and they discriminate care. It is also dangerous for US allies and former US employees/contractors to go to these facilities for fear of arrest and execution. 

Outside of Kabul, the need is greater. Ethnic communities and their government hospitals are being choked to death by not getting state issued medical supplies sufficient to care for their community. 

These free clinic events save lives, we know this for a fact because this is where we often find our youngest rape victims who are in severe medical crisis. 

This donations helps us organize one free clinic day to include medication and transportation. 

All images are from recent clinics, during 2022. 



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