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Baby Support Packages - 1 month

Baby Support Packages - 1 month

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Babies pay the worst price in times of war and crisis. Mothers under dire stress and those not eating enough calories do not make enough milk and the milk often doesn't have enough nutrition due to the mother's often having long term calorie and nutritional deficiencies. 

The cost of formula in Afghanistan is high making it all the more impossible for families to buy this desperately needed item. 

This donation helps us provide the essentials for a baby and mother. 

 A monthly supply includes:

  • 2 lb package of formula appropriate for its age and any allergy condition
  • baby clothes
  • blankets
  • supplies (bottles, wipes, etc., depending on the family needs)
  • diapers
  • Prices vary often and any extra money will be used to buy the mother vitamins and sanitary hygiene products

This image is of one of our newborn babies last year who we provide ongoing support to. 

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